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Kitab Tafsir Mimpi Ibnu Sirin Pdf 49




the prophet of salman ... GoogleBooks B.K.Makker, The Family of the Prophet, trans. from the Amthl-Cunde written in Old Hindoo-Tantric style (2002) Book 39: There are too many books to be able to summarize here, but the essential points to note are as follows. The `Ikhtiyar al-dīn Ahmad b. `Abd al-Malik b. Khāqān in reference to the Kalīlah al-Faṣiḥah, p. 8, refers to the prophet of Islam - i.e. the Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace), and he says, "He is our Khalil, he is the Messenger of God." The same author, in al-Mughnī (p. 50), refers to the same verses, and says, "The Prophet of God (upon whom be peace) was God's Khalil." And it is said in Ibn Khallikān's Kitāb al-Aghānī, Vol. 3, Chapter 2, that God has given to the Holy Prophet five kinds of kingship: Khilāf, rak`at, - that is, highest power, highest rank, highest dignity; Munqidh, the cloud, that is, he is God's Chosen One (i.e. the Islamic nation); Mi'rāj, he has gone down (in a dream) to the grave of a prophet of God; and takbīr, that is, he is God's Khalil, so he says, "He is God's Khalil." Regarding the statement of the author of al-Bukhārī, that this verse was revealed in response to the Jews' questioning him, Abū Hāmid refers to a ḥadīth narrating from Jabar ibn Ḥayyān that the prophet of Islam said, "The prophet of God (upon whom be peace) has told us three things." These are: `I am the Khalil of God and you are His Khalil,' and `There will come a man who will throw dust into your eyes. You will then seek refuge in the dominion of God the Mighty, the Noble, the Honorable.'"




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Kitab Tafsir Mimpi Ibnu Sirin Pdf 49
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